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Healthbreak's expert fitness team is comprised of degreed and certified professionals who are passionate about helping members create breakthroughs in achieving their fitness goals!

Jessie Stacey 

Fitness Specialist


 With over 5+ years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Jessie enjoys running, teaching group exercise classes, motivating people to improve their lifestyle, teaching functional movements, creating workout programs, encouraging those to smile and laugh, and always look at the glass  half full.

Sarah Martin 

Fitness Specialist 


 Sarah brings a passion for teaching individuals proper strength training and functional movements to live pain-free which allows them to do what they love each day. Sarah loves to help individuals reach their best self by working on personal development and encouraging them to appreciate their body, mind, and every moment of their life.

Kelsie Campbell
BS, Certified Health Coach

Fitness Center Manager


Kelsie has worked for 15 years in the fitness and wellness industry and brings an exceptional depth of experience including corporate wellness, personal training, and health coaching. Kelsie believes wellness is not a one size fits all approach and enjoys helping clients navigate their own personal journey so they can achieve living their very best life.

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